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Finn Stetson * male * teenager
A loner by nature, the moody Finn and his little brother ran away from an alcoholic father when Finn was only 10, they lived on the streets or wherever they could get housing until their mother found them and left her husband. A year later Finn recieved his Hogwarts letter, and a visit from the Headmaster.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw HOH
With the former Head of House getting the sack, the position, and that of the Ravenclaw HOH, are open and looking for some love. If you're curious about what all the HOH requires please seek out an Admin.
Autumn 2017: Sept/Oct/Nov
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Logan Mayhew
 Posted: Aug 20 2017, 07:42 PM

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the basics

Position: Potions Master
Age: 35
Member Group: Hogwart's Staff
Adjective: Rude
Patronus: Meerkat
the links
Logan Mayhew

11-August 13

This is where all the threads from all over the boards will be kept for easy access. Each month the Threads will be added to a Master list, and then we can add new post. If we have missed a Thread please use the code at the bottom and reply here. We may try adding blurbs to the end so you can tell which post is what, but that will likely happen as we complete the threads(If you would like to suggest a blurb, or edit to it, for your threads, just reply here. Updated at least once every two weeks.


  • 8th The Right Thing ~ Chantel Stifle, Aurora Nairne {After finding out about her pregnancy, Chantel seeks out the help of her transfigurations professor. Both the women worry about the meeting, but Aurora gives Chantel a spell to help hide her growing stomach}
  • 15th Tenuous Connections ~ Aurora Nairne, Mason Amnell
  • 23rd Hidden in Myself ~ Chantel Stifle, Kiara Griffen{When Kiara meets Chantel, the two are quick to bond. Kiara promises to help Chantel figure out how to go about things that need to be done.}
  • 24th Tell you Once ~Blaze Rutherford, Logan Mayhew {Upon finding out about Mayhew's involvement with the Rebels during the War, the Minister set out to give the man a warning. Due to the Mayhew name, he wasn't killed on sight but instead threatened with his life and that of his children. Mayhew must now use his potion skills for the minister while keeping his nose extra clean to avoid trouble.}
  • 29th You, me, and Firewhiskey ~ Jade Solia, Mason Amnell
  • 29th Sprinkle it with Dew ~ Drake Mayhew, Paige Kovac
  • 29th Nine to Five ~ Jade Solia, Paige Kovac
  • 1st ...And so it Begins ~ All Hogwarts Staff and Students!
  • 2nd Inner Thoughts ~ Jaguar//Closed Jaguar exploring his inner thoughts before visiting Aurora.
  • 2nd Yellow Rose ~ Jaguar Rivera and Aurora Nairne {Jaguar has an itch to visit Aurora to see how she's handling everything with the new school year. The new rules. He's intentions are not so simple and pure, he always wanted an excuse to see her face. An rather Awkward conversation opens, where Aurora learns that Jaguar, while in full support of the Order, is not completely like them.}
  • 2nd Staff Meeting ~ All Hogwarts Staff
  • 3rd Advantages ~ Blaze Rutherford, Farren Darrow
  • 3rd An Active Social Life ~ Farren Darrow, Milla Lightwood
  • 4th The Beginning ~ Rayne Hathaway, Logan Mayhew, Holly Mayhew{While enjoying her free period, Rayne ends up meeting Logan and having a chat until he needs to return for class prep. Holly takes his place and the two are hopeful for a friendship}
  • 4th Your Failed Protection Hurts ~ Jade Solia, Mason Amnell, Logan Mayhew
  • 7th Comrades ~ Logan Mayhew, Aurora Nairne, Farren Darrow
  • 11th Tea Time ~ Aurora Nairne, Malcolm Ralston
  • 15th Nothing, Really ~ Jaguar Rivera, Open
  • 15th Breaking the Fast ~ Farren Darrow, Malcolm Ralston
  • 23rd Time Out ~ Logan Mayhew, Chantel Stafle
  • 23rd Chance Encounters ~ Aurora and Jaguar
  • 25th Twilight Misgivings ~ David Metcalfe, Farren Darrow
  • 27th Little Booties ~ Kiara Griffen, Chantel Stafle
  • 29th Sunsets and Cherry Blossoms ~ Kiara Griffen, Mason Amnell
  • 3rd, Studying ~ Holly Mayhew, Rayne Hathaway

[*]DATE [url=*]NAME OF THREAD[/URL*] ~ Characters(no true order needed. We'll remove the *'s when we add it to the list)

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