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Finn Stetson * male * teenager
A loner by nature, the moody Finn and his little brother ran away from an alcoholic father when Finn was only 10, they lived on the streets or wherever they could get housing until their mother found them and left her husband. A year later Finn recieved his Hogwarts letter, and a visit from the Headmaster.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw HOH
With the former Head of House getting the sack, the position, and that of the Ravenclaw HOH, are open and looking for some love. If you're curious about what all the HOH requires please seek out an Admin.
Autumn 2017: Sept/Oct/Nov
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» Site and Role Play Rules, No Read, No Join
Farren Darrow
 Posted: May 30 2013, 04:16 PM

hover up!
the basics

Position: Deputy Headmaster/Slytherin HOH
Age: 27
Member Group: Hogwarts Staff
Adjective: Ambitious
Patronus: Fox
the links
Farren Darrow

6-August 17

Site Rules

All Rules Apply to Both Members And Staff

1. Please respect everyone on the site. Racial, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious disrespect is absolutely out of the question.

2. All OOC content (photos, advertisements, games, etc) that you bring to this board cannot reference drugs, sexual content, or links taking to sites promoting such or anything else offensive. No spam either.

3. This is a NON-CANON Alternate Universe RPG. This means no Harry Potters or Draco Malfoy's or Albus Dumbledore's. None of these characters have ever existed in this universe.

4. Register with your character's first and last name. Middle is optional. Every character has a separate account. All accounts can be linked!

5. Any grievances such as plot, technical, member, or site issues, should be posted in the 'Complaints' Thread or PMed to an admin in a polite manner.

6. You must be at least 13 years of age to join.

In Character Role Playing Rules

1. The main boards are rated PG-13 to (lightly)R. Swearing is okay, but please use common sense and don't drop the F-bomb in every statement. Please do not write graphic sex scenes. You can kiss, make out, hold hands and date, talk about and have sex, just do not graphically describe the events on the boards. Once the thread gets to the point of intercourse, simply skip past it or use the Mature Content Forum (only for those who are age 18 and up). Keep is classy. If there is a question about how far you can go, please PM an admin.

2. You know the drill: No God-modding or power playing, or Mary Sue or Gary Stu Characters.

3. All posts should be in third person.

4. We have no word count, but please push the scene forward and give your partner something to go off of. Post something comparable in length and quality to that of the person(s) with whom you are posting.

5. We encourage multiple characters per player and the first two are freebies. You can add one character every two weeks of active posting afterwards.

6. No character is allowed to do any illegal drugs unless it is poignant to the plot or their character development. Underage drinking is allowed (Age 13 and up only) and you will be subject to disciplinary action from the Hogwarts staff.

7. No underage pregnancies. All adult pregnancies must be cleared with both mother and father player first. You can agree that one of the characters is surprised, but please inform the players. No surprise Baby Daddies.

8. No student/adult relationships of the romantic or sexual kind. This site will not promote statutory rape or child molestation. Innocent 'crushes' on your professor are okay.

9. Tag and date your topics. TIMESTAMP & TAGGING guidleine here. Please follow tags in the description. If it says closed and you haven't been invited, do not post. If it says PM, PM all members involved to make sure it's okay. If it says open, have at it.

10. If you wish to leave and don't want the profile adopted out, your wishes will be respected and the profile deleted as long as you let an admin know. However, if you disappear with no word, we reserve the right to adopt out your profile after three weeks of no activity and no post in the absent thread. Also, plots and story lines that affect other characters become property of the site even if one of the creators leaves.

Rules are subject to change at the will of the admins as needs make themselves known. Please read the Shout-Box Rules as well. Any questions at all concerning any of the rules, please ask an admin.
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