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Finn Stetson * male * teenager
A loner by nature, the moody Finn and his little brother ran away from an alcoholic father when Finn was only 10, they lived on the streets or wherever they could get housing until their mother found them and left her husband. A year later Finn recieved his Hogwarts letter, and a visit from the Headmaster.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw HOH
With the former Head of House getting the sack, the position, and that of the Ravenclaw HOH, are open and looking for some love. If you're curious about what all the HOH requires please seek out an Admin.
Autumn 2017: Sept/Oct/Nov
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» Rules
Farren Darrow
 Posted: Nov 12 2013, 12:50 PM

hover up!
the basics

Position: Deputy Headmaster/Slytherin HOH
Age: 27
Member Group: Hogwarts Staff
Adjective: Ambitious
Patronus: Fox
the links
Farren Darrow

6-August 17


1. Post in the Subforum: Mature Content RP Board after getting the password from an admin once you confirm your age to be 18+.

2. Absolutely no sexual relations, consensual or otherwise, or graphic violence involving a minor will be presented in any way on this board. If your character is under the age of 17, they cannot be featured on this board in any capacity.

3. Anything written in this forum must directly relate to situations and characters that are played on the main boards. No stand-alone threads, characters, or plots.

4. No smutty pornography for the sake of smutty pornography. Keep it classy. Yeah, that’s pretty ambiguous, so just use your best judgment.

5. If you feel uncomfortable, PM your thread partner(s) and reconsider using the MCF in the future.

Not following these rules can lead to being banned from the forum or the site depending on the severity.

That’s it, have fun. If you have any questions, please PM an admin.
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