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Finn Stetson * male * teenager
A loner by nature, the moody Finn and his little brother ran away from an alcoholic father when Finn was only 10, they lived on the streets or wherever they could get housing until their mother found them and left her husband. A year later Finn recieved his Hogwarts letter, and a visit from the Headmaster.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw HOH
With the former Head of House getting the sack, the position, and that of the Ravenclaw HOH, are open and looking for some love. If you're curious about what all the HOH requires please seek out an Admin.
Autumn 2017: Sept/Oct/Nov

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The Dungeons & Kitchen
Near the bustling Kitchens filled with busy House Elves is the home of the Hufflepuff Common Room. Down the winding dank staircases, the Dungeons and Potions classroom can be found. Beyond, stone halls lead to the Slytherin Common room.
Subforums: » Kitchens, » Dungeon Corridor, » Potions Classroom, » Potions Office, » Hufflepuff Common Room, » Slytherin Common Room, » Dungeon

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Entrance Hall
Through the Great Oak Doors of Hogwarts Castle there is a Large Marble Hall with stairs ahead that only hints of the wonders of the rest of the castle beyond. The Great Hall is on the right and the Meeting Room to the left beyond the Gargoyles.
Subforums: » Main Hall, » The Great Hall, » Staff Lounge

5 74 12 minutes ago
In: We Welcome the NIght
By: Holly Mayhew
First Floor
This long corridor leads to many places, including the classrooms and offices of Muggle Studies and History of Magic. As with every hallway, this hallway is filled with ghosts and portraits. Beware of Sir Larry, though, he's been known to tattle on students who are out of bed too late.
Subforums: » First Floor Corridor, » Muggle Studies Classroom, » Muggle Studies Office, » , » History of Magic Office

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Second Floor
On the Second Floor lies the corridor leading to the Headmistress's office, hopefully you won't be here for disciplinary reasons. The Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and Office can also be found on this floor.
Subforums: » Second Floor Corridor, » Headmaster's Office, » Defense Against The Dark Arts Classoom, » Defense Against The Dark Arts Office

1 0 Sep 5 2017, 11:48 PM
In: Inner Thoughts
By: Headmaster Jaguar Rivera
Third Floor
The Third Floor is home of the International Magical Studies Classroom and the Charms Classroom. Offices of the professors can be found on the same floor as their classrooms.
Subforums: » Third Floor Corridor, » International Magical Studies Classroom, » International Magical Studies Office, » Charms Classroom, » Charms Office

4 11 May 11 2018, 08:56 PM
In: How Charming
By: Lacy Santiago
Fourth Floor
On the Fourth Floor you will find a corridor, lined with portraits, paintings, and tapestries, leading to the Transfiguration Classroom and the Professor's Office. This is the floor for a quiet study session in the Library as well.
Subforums: » Fourth Floor Corridor, » Transfiguration Classroom, » Transfiguration Office, » The Library

6 53 Yesterday at 09:24 pm
In: Like Of Mind ... Or Not?
By: Headmaster Jaguar Rivera
Fifth Floor
The Fifth Floor holds no classrooms, but is home to the Hospital Wing and the Head Nurses' office. This is also where the Caretaker's Office is found. It's the floor to be on if you've hurt yourself or if you've found a rather large pothole on the grounds outside.
Subforums: » Fifth Floor Corridor, » Hospital Wing, » Madam Lightwood's Office, » Caretaker's Office

1 9 Oct 12 2017, 04:15 PM
In: An Active Social Life
By: Milla Lightwood
Sixth Floor
One of the less tricky and more predictable floors, it leads to the classrooms and offices for Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. Because of it's reputation to be a quiet floor, many students use this floor as a common meeting place before going to their actual destination.
Subforums: » Sixth Floor Corridor, » Ancient Runes Classroom, » Ancient Runes Office, » Arithmancy Classroom, » Arithmancy Office

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Seventh Floor
A long corridor leads to the famed Room Of Requirement. If you can find it, and not get caught by a staff member, it may be just what you require.
This floor is where the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw students call home as the Commonrooms are located here.

Subforums: » Seventh Floor Corridor, » Room of Requirement, » Gryffindor Common Room, » Ravenclaw Common Room

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The Towers
Ladders and many stairs will take you to The Divination classroom. Atop the towers is where the Astronomy classes will be held late at night and the Owelry is also located here, where owls wait to send messages off to loved ones.
Subforums: » Astronomy Classroom, » Astronomy Office, » Divination Classroom, » Sybille Becke's Office, » Owlery

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Job Chart in Second Post!
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