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Finn Stetson * male * teenager
A loner by nature, the moody Finn and his little brother ran away from an alcoholic father when Finn was only 10, they lived on the streets or wherever they could get housing until their mother found them and left her husband. A year later Finn recieved his Hogwarts letter, and a visit from the Headmaster.
Gryffindor and Ravenclaw HOH
With the former Head of House getting the sack, the position, and that of the Ravenclaw HOH, are open and looking for some love. If you're curious about what all the HOH requires please seek out an Admin.
Autumn 2017: Sept/Oct/Nov
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» Scapegoat in the Paper
Monique Applegate
 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 12:23 AM

hover up!
the basics

Position: Temp Prophet Staff
Age: 20
Member Group: Daily Prophet
Adjective: Independent
Patronus: Raven
the links
Monique Applegate

14-November 17

The Daily Prophet has started a challenge that every character can play along with. Every piece that is released will have typos purposefully left in. With some pieces there will be a hidden message. It's up to the players to find these through their characters to claim their reward.

Monique handles all the letters regarding the challenge. She's a temp who's down on her luck and just can't seem to catch a break. She's already been accused of acting against the Order and lost almost everything because of it.

In one of the pieces a character will find a secret message basically dissing the Order. That's where you, dear plotter, come in.

Who wants to be the character who turns in the message to the Order, throwing the DP under fire and in need of someone to take the blame?

You're character will have nothing more on their shoulders than the fact that they've done a good deed through the Order, the ministry, and basically cost a young girl her life. No joke, she will likely be killed.

No special character required, plot will probably last about two IC weeks (Not sure about OOC.).

Questions can be posted in this thread, through PM to Logan, or a message to Brie/Cloven on Discord.
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